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Please browse all of our free resources including score sheets, hand washing guidance, diapering procedures, meal guidelines, playground guidelines, and supplementary notes to update your 3rd edition of the ERS scales: ITERS-3, ECERS-3-, FCCERS-3, and the SACERS-U. To see the additional notes for the 2nd editions (ITERS-R, ECERS-R, FCCERS-R), please visit our Resources for 2nd editions page. Recursos en espanol aqui.

Learn about the difference between the 3rd edition scales and the 2nd edition (R's).

Additional & updated notes

ECERS-3 (updated: 2/2024)

ITERS-3 (updated: 2/2024)

FCCERS-3 (updated: 2/2024)

SACERS-U (updated: 9/2016)


Guidelines / Procedures



Expanded Scoresheet 

Interrater Reliability Sheet

ECERS-3 profile

Information on Montessori programs to help in scoring the ECERS


Additional Resources

The All About resource guides interpret each item and indicator on the scale, and provide photographs of real-world settings. It will help you use the ERS to accurately assess your early learning environment in the areas of cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development, as well as health and safety standards.

all about ECERS-3

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all about

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All About 

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